Ghugni Recipe

Ghugni is a popular meal that captures the essence of traditional Bengali ingredients. This hearty and savory dish is made with dried yellow peas, cooked

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Papri chat Recipie

Papri Chaat is a traditional street food item that originated on India’s bustling streets. This renowned meal, with its exquisite flavors and textures, captures the

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Til Pitha Recipe

Embark on a lovely culinary adventure as we learn about Assam’s rich cultural past through the traditional Til Pitha dish. This delightful meal has a special

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Dalma Recipe

Explore the unique gastronomic tapestry of Odisha, an eastern Indian state with a broad assortment of traditional cuisine. “Dalma,” a substantial and nourishing lentil-based curry

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Rui Machher Jhol

Machher jhol (Bengali fish curry) can refer to a variety of recipes. It’s fish cooked in some sort of sauce. This version of machh’er jhol—the

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Indian Culinary Journey

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