10 Enchanting Monsoon Destinations for Rain Lovers

Do you enjoy the rain? If so, the monsoon season in India is a wonderful experience, with cool breezes, calm weather, and landscapes refreshed by rainfall. The foggy skies, verdant hills, and thunderous waterfalls bring the countryside to life. This season is ideal for exploring India’s natural beauty because of the earthy aroma that remains after a downpour. It is sheer delight.

Why not embrace the rain and make treasured moments instead of staying inside? These ten locations in India are ideal for a rainy vacation.


1. Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji, which has the most rainfall in India, is a haven for rain-lovers. This little Meghalayan town is well-known for its frequent, intense downpours, particularly in the monsoon season. Rain brings life to the many waterfalls, mist-covered hills, and vivid green forests that make for an amazing sight.

Enjoying hot tea in the cool breeze and heavy rain is one of the best parts of going to Cherrapunji in the monsoon. It is a rejuvenating and calming experience. Well-known sights include the Khasi tribe’s amazing feat of bioengineering, the living root bridges, and the largest plunge waterfall in India, Nohkalikai Falls.

– Guwahati Airport is the closest airport.

– Monsoon average temperature ranges from 12 to 16°C.


2. The Lonavala

Maharashtra’s charming hill station, Lonavala, is even more enchanting and romantic during the rainy season. With waterfalls tumbling down the hillsides and mist shrouding the valleys, the rain turns the terrain into a verdant, lush paradise.

The water at Tungarli Lake overflows, making for a tranquil and lovely sight. Photographers will love the breathtaking vistas from the mist-covered Tikona Fort. Another must-see location is Tiger’s Point, which offers expansive views of the nearby hills and valleys. Lonavala is a great place to go during the monsoon because of its picturesque scenery and cool, refreshing atmosphere.

– Lohegaon Airport is the closest airport.

– The average monsoon temperature is between 22 and 26°C.


3. Mount Abu

Known for its dry deserts, Rajasthan’s solitary hill station, Mount Abu, provides a distinctive monsoon experience. The ordinarily arid terrain is turned into a lush, green sanctuary during the monsoon. This tranquil hill station is made even more charming by the rain.

The Dilwara Temples in Mount Abu are well-known for their magnificent marble architecture. Nakki Lake is a great place to go boating during the monsoon because it is surrounded by hills and vegetation. A broad perspective of the town and the surroundings may be seen atop Toad Rock. The ideal time to take in Mount Abu’s breathtaking scenery and chilly climate is during the monsoon season.

– Dabok Airport is the closest airport;

– Monsoon season average temperature: 22–30°C


4. The Wayanad

Wayanad, tucked away in Kerala, is a wonderland in the monsoon season. This part of the Western Ghats is well-known for its scenic splendor, spice plantations, and verdant tea gardens. With waterfalls tumbling and a carpet of greenery covering the surroundings, the monsoon season gives the place a revitalized, vivid appearance.

A three-day monsoon festival named Splash is held in Wayanad to celebrate the rains through sports, adventure activities, and cultural events. Trekking options abound in the area, with paths leading to breathtaking waterfalls and overlooks. It’s also worthwhile to explore the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Edakkal Caves, which have historic petroglyphs.

– Calicut International Airport is the closest airport.

– The average monsoon temperature is between 24 and 31°C.


5.  Darjeeling

Known as the “Queen of the Himalayas,” Darjeeling is a must-see hill station in the monsoon season. The mist-covered hills, vast tea gardens, and lush green valleys are all the more beautiful because of the showers. The town is the ideal monsoon getaway because of its breathtaking views and colonial charm.

Darjeeling is known for its distinctive toy train, which takes visitors on a picturesque ride through the hills. The vast tea gardens are breathtaking, and it’s essential to stop by a tea plantation for a sample. Try the renowned Darjeeling tea, which is highly recommended, particularly on a wet day.

– Bagdogra Airport is the closest airport.

– Monsoon season average temperature: 12–19°C

6. Coorg

Known as the “Scotland of India,” Coorg is a South Indian jewel that comes alive in the monsoon season. The region’s rich vegetation is enhanced by the rain, which makes the undulating hills, coffee plantations, and deep forests even more gorgeous.

The monsoon season is perfect for exploring Coorg’s natural splendor because it delivers mild, pleasant weather. See the Abbey Falls, which are much more magnificent and potent after it rains. It is essential to take a tour of a coffee plantation because the area is renowned for its rich coffee culture. Remember to sample the delicious local Coorg cuisine; it’s a culinary delight.

– Mangalore International Airport is the closest airport.

– The average monsoon temperature is between 21 and 24°C.


7. Shillong

Meghalaya’s capital city of Shillong is another breathtaking location to visit in the monsoon season. The town, which is surrounded by many waterfalls, is especially beautiful this time of year. The waterfalls are nestled in the Khasi and Jayanti Hills. Shillong is an ideal destination on rainy days due to its misted hills, lush foliage, and panorama tainted by rain.

Among the waterfalls in Shillong that are a must-see are Elephant Falls, Bishop Falls, and Crinoline Falls. The town is charming because of its lively culture and welcoming residents. Savor the regional dishes, like momos, jadoh (rice cooked with pork), and tungrymbai (fermented soybeans), while you’re in Shillong.

– Umroi Airport is the closest airport;

– Monsoon season average temperature: 12–16°C


8. Spiti Valley

Known as the “Little Tibet,” Spiti Valley is a haven for thrill-seekers, especially in the monsoon season. Himachal Pradesh’s high-altitude desert valley provides stunning vistas of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains, historic monasteries, and striking scenery.

The natural splendor of Spiti is at its peak during the monsoon season. With many routes that lead to breathtaking vistas and historic monasteries like Key Monastery and Tabo Monastery, the valley is ideal for hiking. Spiti Valley is an essential attraction because of its surreal beauty and exciting adventure.

– Airport closest to the area:

– Kullu Airport; monsoon average: 10-15°C


9. The Munnar

Munnar, in Kerala, is a great place to go on a monsoon vacation. Many who want to get away from the bustle of the city love it for its huge tea gardens, foggy hills, and tranquil atmosphere. The rain refreshes the surroundings and makes for a serene and lovely setting.

The tea gardens, which provide beautiful vistas and the chance to learn about tea processing, are a popular attraction in Munnar. Another must-see is the Eravikulam National Park, which is home to the critically endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Surrounded by rich greenery, the Attukal Waterfalls are particularly lovely in the monsoon.

– Cochin International Airport is the closest airport.

– The average monsoon temperature is between 20 and 25°C.


10. Ghat Malshej

For those who enjoy the earthy scent left behind by rain, Malshej Ghat in the Western Ghats is an ideal location. The area is renowned for its abundant flora and animals, which are most colorful during the monsoon season. The mist-covered hills, waterfalls, and verdant surroundings make an enchanting scene.

In Malshej Ghat, hiking, bird viewing, and nature hikes are all very popular pastimes. Numerous bird species can be found in the area, including flamingos, which are visible in the monsoon season. Malshej Ghat is a perfect refuge for the monsoon because of its breathtaking natural beauty and cool, refreshing climate.

– Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the closest airport.

– The average monsoon temperature is between 20 and 25°C.

A distinctive and unforgettable monsoon experience can be had at these ten locations. Everybody who like rain can find the ideal location in India, whether they choose the tranquil slopes of Munnar or the verdant surroundings of Wayanad. Thus, prepare to discover the captivating splendor of these precipitation-filled havens by packing your bags!

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