Puttu and Kadala Recipe

This classic dish for Puttu and Kadala Curry immerses you in South India’s rich gastronomic tapestry. This nutritious mix of steamed rice flour cylinders (Puttu)

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Appam with Ishtu recipe

Take a Culinary journey through the vivid flavors of South India with the time-honored pairing of Appam and Ishtu. Rooted in the region’s rich cultural tapestry,

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Curd Rice Recipe

Curd rice, also known as “Thayir Sadam” in South India, is a foodie favorite. This meal has a centuries-long history and mixes the richness of

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Payasam Recipe

Payasam, a popular South Indian delicacy, is a delicious symphony of tradition that has endured for centuries. This wonderful delicacy, also known as Kheer in

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Prawn Curry Recipe

Take a culinary journey to the bustling coastal state of Kerala, India, as we reveal the secrets of a classic Prawn Curry recipe. Kerala cuisine,

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Fish Molee Recipe

Enjoy the rich tastes of Kerala with this genuine Fish Molee dish. This meal, originally from India’s southwestern coast, beautifully combines aromatic spices with the

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Uttapam Recipe

Enjoy a culinary experience with this traditional South Indian Uttapam recipe! Uttapam, a savory pancake made from fermented rice and urad dal batter, is a

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