9 Delicious Dishes of East Indian Cuisine

East Indian Cuisine is known for its diverse regional cuisines in a country rich in culture and heritage.” While North and South Indian dishes are frequently highlighted, East Indian cuisine contains a treasure trove of delectable delicacies that you can make in your kitchen. Let us embark on a culinary journey through the East Indian states of Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Sikkim, and Manipur to discover the distinct flavors and traditional recipes that make this cuisine truly irresistible.

Litti Chokha (Bihar):

Litti Chokha, which originated in Bihar, captures the essence of the state’s earthy flavors. Litti is a dough ball stuffed with sattu (roasted gram flour) and roasted to perfection before being dipped in desi ghee. Chokha, a medley of eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and spices, makes for a filling and energizing meal.

East Indian Cuisine

How to Get Ready at Home: Step-by-step instructions for making Litti Chokha in your kitchen, plus tips for achieving authentic flavors and textures.

Machher Jhol (West Bengal):

Machher Jhol, a Bengali household staple, is a luxurious fish curry that combines marination, deep-frying, and simmering in a rich gravy. The flavorful combination of onion seeds, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and bay leaf elevates the dish. Best when served with cooked rice.

East Indian Cuisine

Unveiling of the Recipe: With a detailed recipe, delve into the intricacies of making a Bengali Machher Jhol, ensuring you capture the essence of West Bengal in your kitchen.

Rasgulla (West Bengal):

Rasgulla is a sweet triumph from Bengal that is celebrated around the world. These spongy, syrupy delights made from paneer and chhena add a sweet touch to festive occasions.

East Indian Cuisine

Make Your Rasgulla: Learn how to make authentic Rasgullas at home, including techniques for achieving the ideal texture and sweetness balance.

Dalma (Odisha):

Dalma, a nutritionally dense dish from Odisha, is made with split chickpeas, raw papaya, potatoes, and a medley of spices. Quick, simple, and delicious with rice or roti.

East Indian Cuisine

Cooking Up Dalma: A step-by-step guide to making Dalma in your kitchen, highlighting Odisha’s traditional flavors.

Assamese Fish Curry (Assam):

This delectable fish curry is made by marinating Rohu fish in a tangy, spicy paste, then frying and simmering in a luscious gravy with marinated tomatoes and potatoes.

Homemade Assamese Fish Curry: A detailed recipe unlocks the secrets of Assam’s favorite fish curry, ensuring an authentic culinary experience.

Momos (Sikkim):

Momos are delicious dumplings stuffed with ground meat or vegetables that are popular in Sikkim. The variety is endless, from fried to tandoori, offering a delightful culinary adventure.

Momo Extravaganza: Delve into the diverse world of Momos, including a variety of fillings and cooking methods, bringing Sikkim’s flavors to your kitchen.

Thukpa (North East):

Thukpa is a hearty soup-based dish from the North East that features flat noodles with a choice of meat or vegetables. It originated in Bhutan and Tibet.

East Indian Cuisine

Thick Thukpa Recipe: Discover the warmth and nutrition of Thukpa with a detailed recipe, ideal for chilly winter days.

Rasmalai (West Bengal):

Rasmalai, a delightful Bengali sweet, is an all-time favorite dessert. During the festive season, freshly made chhena balls soaked in malai are a must-try.

East Indian Cuisine

Homemade Rasmalai Delight: Learn how to make Rasmalai at home for a sweet and creamy treat that captures the essence of West Bengal.

Manipuri Kelli Chana (Manipur):

Manipuri Kelli Chana is a flavorful snack that showcases the goodness of chickpeas in a delicious form.

East Indian Cuisine

Snack Time with Kelli Chana: Discover how to make this flavorful Manipuri snack, ideal for satisfying hunger.


East Indian cuisine is a kaleidoscope of flavors that blend tradition and innovation. By exploring these nine popular dishes from Bihar to Manipur, you will not only learn about the diverse culinary landscape, but you will also learn how to recreate these authentic recipes in your kitchen. Set out on a culinary adventure and let the vibrant flavors of East India come to life in your home.


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